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If you start playing chess, you don't have to become a member right away. You can come and try out 3 times first. This way you can see if you really like chess. To participate in various chess tournaments it is necessary to become a member of the chess club.

As a member:

  • You will be taught weekly by one of our trainers.
  • You get the Step exercise booklet.
  • You can join us on tournaments.
  • You enjoy insurance from the Flemish Chess Federation.
  • You become affiliated with the Belgian Chess Federation.

To enroll, fill out the form below. You don't have to pay yet, you only have to if you decide to keep coming to classes after 3 tries. You will receive an email later with confirmation of your enrollment and details of your payment. The registration fees are:

  • Members youth: €100
  • Members youth second child: €70
  • Members adults: €50

For more information mail to:

Entries are closed for this year, and will reopen in August 2024.

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