Youth Chess De Dolle Toren

Early 2010 we started a new initiative in the heart of Leuven: youth chess 'De Dolle Toren'. A new club where chess training and the promotion of chess activities for young people is central. In this way, we want to further develop youth chess in Leuven and the surrounding area. Although the club is new, we already have 15 years of experience in youth chess.

One of the largest youth chess clubs in Belgium

With the start of the new season, we have become the largest youth chess club in Belgium. More than 50 youth players have found their way to the club. All levels are covered: from Step 1 to Step 6. In addition Additional training and individual sessions are also organized.

Enjoyable chess in Leuven

If you like playing chess, you should definitely come to youth chess 'The Dolle Toren'.

  • Here you can come and play against other kids every week on Friday which will make you improve quickly.
  • We also explain the game of chess on a large chessboard every week so you will learn new tricks all the time.
  • These classes are taught using the step method. Everyone also receives a lesson booklet in which you can make exercises in the club or at home.

The age to start playing chess varies quite a bit. Usually it is between 5 and 12 years. You will notice that the age is not so important but rather how well you can play chess. That is why we make different groups according to playing strength. playing strength.

Games and tournaments

You can only get better by playing real chess games regularly. This gives you the chance to actually apply in a game what you have learned in the lessons. You can of course practice with other children from the club, but participating in tournaments outside the club is also possible. There are regular tournaments for beginners, the so-called "debutant tournaments" and there are 11 youth tournaments in Flanders that are part of a "criterium". As a club we participate in most tournaments and transportation is provided. After playing in tournaments we go and watch the games during the club evening. Chess players call this \'analyzing\'. This is how you learn from your mistakes and will play a stronger move in the next game.

Become a member

If you start playing chess, you don't have to become a member right away. You can come and try 3 times first. This way you can see if you really like chess. To participate in various chess tournaments, it is necessary to become a member of the the chess club.

As a member:

  • You will be taught weekly by one of our trainers.
  • You will receive the Step's exercise booklet.
  • You may come along to tournaments.
  • You have the advantage of insurance from the Flemish Chess Federation.
  • You are affiliated with the Belgian chess federation.